Zaroas (also known as Zar) is a user who joined the Sporum in March of 2009. Since, he became a semi-prominent creator and signature creator, as well as a roleplayer, despite multiple hiatuses due to technical difficulties. In these dark ages, he does not post much, however.

Origins Edit

Zaroas obtained Spore a few days after Christmas of 2008. Though initially very bad at the game, he quickly improved, though compared to others did not make very many creations. He visited the Sporum once shortly after GA's release due to a glitch, and when it was resolved, left. Not knowing how to gain subscribers or upvotes properly, he took to shamelessly advertising. One Sporum user, moejoe18 took pity on him and invited him to the DLC Critic's Corner, where Zaroas honed his creation skills and met many other creators. Because of his involvement in DLC, Zar began to use the entirety of the Sporum.

Signatures Edit

Zaroas expressed an interest in signatures early on, visiting many popular shops

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