Zandoo is a frequent member of the Sporum.

He is a veteran of the horrible game, cookie clicker, and was able to escape its grasp a few years back. Though other sporumers have begun to mention the word cookie, bringing back war-veteran style flashbacks to Zandoo.

He seems to be a somewhat dark individual and views himself as the rightful god-king of everything and everyone.

His overall intentions seem to be for good however.

Actions on SporumEdit

Zandoo mostly spends his time within the roleplay section of the Sporum. When the does come out, it's usually either to give helpful advice, or to give a funny/ sarcastic comment. Usually it's the ladder.

Despite him not really having done anything, Zandoo is still somewhat popular within the Sporum community, even appearing in the Fallout spore video created by alexbri, much to Zandoo's childlike excitement.


  • Zandoo = Lowfn

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