Sporum, thanks for introducing me to the wild hellhole of the internet. I wouldn't be the person I was without the experiences I had here (for better or for worse)!

Not going to lie, this is embarrassing as hell, so I'm just gonna clean my plate here and give you guys the shorter story.

YinYangBell was a kid who scarcely knew of the world that you could reach within a computer when they first happened upon the Sporum. They quickly became wound up in Beastly Experiments, a wonderful disaster loathed by anyone who wasn't a part of the magic. They made friends, got to write fiction (albeit poorly), and would leave alongside others to go off and make new forums for writing (again, poorly).

They would never forget this embarrassing and magical place, their first introduction to the internet, not just as a locale, but as a culture.

Thank you, everyone, for introducing me to a place that I'd sooner call home than any plot of soil I ever set foot on.

And thank you to all members of Beastly Experiments. Our story was a mess, but sometimes the most fun things are the messiest.