xxCuteWolfxx is a normal sporumer, as a Mouthbreather, because two reasons. She absoloutely loves traveling over the world, and she doesn't post much.

Her true historyEdit

xxCuteWolfxx had escaped the evil realms of another gaming forum that is believed to be worse than 4Chan, called the BlockLand Forums. Few weeks later, she bought the game Spore, and instantly signed up on the Sporum. many people didn't like her for her love of dragons. As time passed, Wolfie (Her Nickname) gained popularity by the many awesome Sporumers.

Well known forEdit

On 1/1/2012, xxCuteWolfxx made a song for the SporeMasters to enjoy. It is based on true stories of the annoying spammers and trolls, and how awesome sporemasterblackbird and the SporeMasters could be.

♪SporeMasterBlackbird was chilling out one day in the park;♫

Stupidoo made an appearance♪ ♪He kept saying Lol lol lol lol♫ ♫Blackbird got angry at him, so he released something in his pocket♪ ♪Stupidoo started Rofling until something huge came down.♫

♫BAN BAN Blackbird's golden hammer got down, on Stupidoo! (Do do do do do!)♪ ♪BAN BAN Blackbird's golden hammer got the troll, really dead!♫

SporeMasterSlyth was drinking a cup of tea♪ Sharples began to spam into his tea saying♫ ♫Troll lol lol lol♪ ♪And when Slyth got some fury unleased, he released something to Sharple's head...♫ ♫BAN BAN! Slyth's silver hammer just banned Sharples! (Do do do do do!)♪ ♪BAN BAN! Slyth's Silver hammer just banned stupid Sharpy!

SporeMasterDOGC_KYLE was eating sushi one day, until 5poreMaster came up.♪ ♪He placed wasabi into his sushi Lol lol lol lol!♫ ♫Wasabi was so intense, Kyle blew some fire everywhere, It was too spicy..♪ ♪5poreMasterPwn began trolling him, Troll lol lol lol...♫ ♫And when Kyle went into his pocket, he got a surprise for the spammer...♪ ♪BAN BAN! Kyle's silver hammer banned the annoying troll! (Do do do do do!) ♫BAN BAN! Kyle's Silver hammer banned that stupid troll! ♪


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