Wolfgirl737 is some nerd that probs made this wiki page herself on anon. Likes shitty anime like Jojo's Bizarre adventure and Homestuck. She has autism and OCD. Apparently is Tumblr user SoZettaGay.


Straight from own Tumblr blog



Big furry dweeb that's says she doesn't like anime but we've all seen your blog wolf. Silver hair and yellow eyes? Not likely. Probably doesn't have wings either.


Trans, otherkin, gay, and ready to party <--- pronounced par tay

In a polygamy marriage with Sharples88, Sharples65, SharplesAlt1, Sharples the 63nt, Sharples420, Bryce, and Pappa, and adopted Mr. Propaganda as their son. Also a total gilf.


The meme crew talks about Undertale

Likes gore and robots?????????????????????????? (must be kinkshamed)


  • Lupa737
  • Lupa
  • Lup
  • wolf
  • Caletryn
  • Cale
  • Diego (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character)

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 2

  • Mettaton
  • Pan with a plan
  • If I had to pick a furry
20150628 181827

Intense love of Jolyne Kujo

Other stuff: What's with the username wolfgirl anyways I mean its almost as if she made it when she was my age aka 4 and is also ranked #1 on the Sporum Wiki leader board!!!???? What a dork!


Wolfgirl737's son, Iggy

What's with the p0n132????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


"I want Mettaton to use my organs in a cake."

"Good golly gosh dammit."

"I want Dio to shove his fingers into my neck and suck out my blood with his weird vein things."

"Give me those presidential cummies. 100% USA made in America for America."


"Down with Cis"

"Caesar Zeppeli is alive and he sucked my dick."

"Can't wait for my nutrition teacher to see I ate 6 pieces of Texas toast."

"I'd smooch a ghost."


"Jolyne is best JoJo"

"I want purple Dio to shove his eggplant dick in places they shouldn't be because that thing could tear buildings apart."

"I have like over ten hats no one needs this many hats."

Omg (5)

"Be there in a yiffy."

"Orochimaru's tongue tho. uou"

"The ponies ruined my life."

"The way Esidisi uses his veins in battle is so hot."

The Yiffing Room:

Sean10M edit: Who the hell did this?

Anon edit: p0n132! duh

Lupa: I'm not dead you asshats, I'm in gay hibernation. See you next pride parade.

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