Fall of VRL to Spam.

Vektrix/Rebecca1208/LordofDestiny Fan Club (VRL) was the name of a club where people once gathered to worship the three creators previously mentioned. The club was one of the Sporum's great fanclubs, and, like most fanclubs, was centered around a thread located in the Creator Corner subforum.

Decline and Fall of VRLEdit

Like all great threads, VRL eventually came to an end. Heavy spamming combined with the appearance of the impostor RebeccaI208 (note the letter substitution) eventually caused the thread to be locked, and when it was unlocked again, Rebecca1208 requested to be removed from the thread for the spamming and trolling that was repeatedly told to end. Without one of the three key creators, the thread rapidly disintegrated and was locked again, at the request of the two remaining creators and the OP.