Well, just here to share some knowledge about wikia.


Ahhh, the shoutbox. Well, to access the Shoutbox, click on more, then Manage Widgets. There should appear a bar at the top with several widgets. Scroll until you find "Shout Box". Then, click on the "+" button. Close the top bar using the "X" at the lower right hand corner.

At the left side, the Shoutbox should be there.

What is the Shoutbox?

The Shoutbox is a wonderful place where you can go off-topic, and chat about whatever you want. Please note that the shoutbox does not instantly show new messages. You either have to post a message to see new messages, or refresh the page.


Blogs? Blogs? What're blogs? This is a blog. To make a blog, go here: Special:CreateBlogPage

And then simply make a blog. That's all.

Logo [admins]

How do I upload a Logo? Well, first you're gonna need to be an admin. If you're an admin, you can upload a picture as your logo by Uploading an image as Wiki.png. It must be typed exactly, WIKI.png won't work, Wiki.PNG won't work, and wiki.png won't work. So get it right. It will then immediately be the logo. Sometimes you might need to clear your cache to see the difference.

Links and Stuffs coming soon!

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