This is a guide for all you wondering how to use Colour and other stuff that requires <'s and >'s on Wikia.

The codes

Wikia uses codes. Codes codes. Cody codes. Anyways, to use codes, you must go into source mode. To go to Source Mode (Which coincidentally has the acronym SM [SporeMaster]), click on the button that says this: [< > Source]

Now you are in Source mode. Notice how it seems harder for you to do stuff here.


To colour text, use this code: <span style="color:X;">Text</span>
*Replace "X" with colour name.

You can also use 6 DIGIT Hex Code to use colours that Wikia doesn't have by default. Like this: <span style="color:#XXXXXX;">Text</span>
*Replace "#XXXXXX" with Hex Code.



<span style="color:red;">Text</span> = Text


<span style="color:#666FFF;">Text</span> = Text

Little Big Text

See what I did there, eh? Anyways, to use big text, use this code: <big>Text</big>
*The more <big> tags, the bigger the text.

To use small text, use this code: <small>Text</small>
*The more <small> tags, the smaller the text.



<big>Text</big> = Text


<small>Text</small> = Text

Code Tag

The code tag is used to... well, make something look like a code: <code>Text</code>
*Codes display wikia-coding, such as images and font customizations. For codes or anything else not to display wikia-coding, use the <nowiki> tag.



<code>Text</code> = Text


<code><span style="color:red;">Text</span></code> = Text


<code><nowiki><span style="color:red;">Text</span></code></nowiki> = <span style="color:red;">Text</span>

<br /> Tag

The <br /> tag is used to create a new line.


Text<br /> Text 2 =

Text 2

Combining them

You can combine all these codes together to make a more complex code. As long as you do it right, it'll do what it's supposed to. On a side note, use the <nowiki> tag to disable wikia coding for a selected area of text.

And that's it! Ask and Comment below in the Comment Box.

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