The Ultimate Creation Request Thread, or UCRT, is a thread in the Creator Corner subforum launched by Pezzalis and dedicated to the making of creations based on the requests of others. Employees of the shop specialize in one or more creation types, whether it be remakes of sapient races or the destruction of buildings for use as props in adventures, and the shop currently employs over twelve Sporumers of varying levels of fame.

Early historyEdit

The UCRT began as a thread wherein Sporumers could request a set of buildings for their sapient race to use in Civilization and Space Stage. This thread met with great success as Pezzalis improved his building-creation abilities, eventually becoming one of Spore's best-known building creators.

Sporum presence todayEdit

The decision to expand happened several months after the original building set thread was created, and the expansion brought many of the creators that still reside there today onto the scene. Participation in the UCRT has helped several creators simultaneously become more well-known and better at creating, and has alleviated some small amount of the strain on Parkaboy's remake request thread.

The UCRT has also begun a members-only Xenoplanet contest, in which the twelve active employees divide into three teams of four and assemble a Xenoplanet for one of Pezzalis's chosen sapient species. This contest is in its early stages, and it is unknown how it will turn out.

Inspiration from other thread typesEdit

The UCRT has been inspired by both signature shops in how one requests a creation and by fanclubs in the nature of its members-only contest, friendliness towards members sharing creations on the thread, and frequent mutual subscription of the employees to one another's Spore accounts.

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