The end of the sporumEdit

After so long, it's finally come.  As of June 2013, the Sporum can officially be called dead, the latest post being several months old and the entire forum being caught up by glitches.  After five years, it has finally died.  

The build-upEdit

In early 2013, the unable to veiw page and log in error started to apear more often, and often and often. Often for entire days the sporum would go untouched. We started to fear and threads popping up started to apear and they bassically ended like this:

"The sporum is glitching out, it will die"

"Just because a few glitches are happening doesn't mean I will go and do a ckicken little `the sky is falling' act"

"But it is"

"It's not"

"it is"

"It's not"

"it is"






and went on in an undecievable cycle. What did not help the situation was a NOOB who's name was a combination of 1's and 2's, who kept trying to make us think of what spore could have been like, rambling on about the aquatic stage and declaring that the sporum is not that popular. Even Davopotomus (the creator of better spore) changed his signature to a warning and told us that sporemaster blackbird used these as an oppurtunity to take a holiday. Eventually it was out, the sporum had died. Many quaint little spore forum offshoots started questioning why, and they returned to their forums, where the last posts were in 2009. Many believe EA shut it down, but nothing has been announced to my knowledge.


Thankfully, Maxis came in and gave the Sporum CPR and the Sporum Forum is up and at 'em again.

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