Listed below are the Sagas of the Sporum, stories of the deeds of Sporumers and of dramatic events in the story of the Sporum. Hear-ye, hea-ye; enter onto the pages of history and of tradition.

The SagasEdit

The listed Sagas, more to be added. More to join the ranks and add their epics.

Sagas of AaronMKEdit

The ChandelierEdit

What really happened to this man's fake relationship boiled down as follows: User AaronMk ran a quick and will skilled Google search and learned that Thief's girl-friend Tiffany O'brian. He learned that she owner a bar and grill in Detroit named Tiffany's which has been passed down to her by her father. The bar was in possesion of a priceless chandelear. Aaron grabbed his gear and gunned it Detroit where he waited for night to fall so he can sneak into Tiffany's and steal the chandelier. He would've gone for the safe but hell, the chandelier's priceless. The safe only has five dollars anyways.

So as he's taking it down Tiffany hears him and wakes up. Coming down from her apartment upstairs she comes down and catches AaronMk stealing her chandelier. She asks why. They make love. She's more satisfied with him than Theif.

The Cops come, AaronMk changes into the DPD's uniform and sneaks the chandelier into a SWAT van. He tells Tiffany to meet him in Mexico, he lies, he goes to Canada. He likes the cold and he beavers better than the warm sun and Margerittas. And the country singers he's forced to listen to on a regular visit over romanticise the impoverished central-american country too much.

Thirty years go by, AaronMk gets a postcard from Tiffany. She's been waiting all these years for me to come back to her, I have a son, he's police chief of the Detroit Police. He writes back, tells her to meet him in Paris, under the Eiffle Tower. He lies again, instead he goes to Berlin. That's where he stashed the Chandelier.

And that's what really happened. And it all took place between the time Thief declared Tiffany had broke up with him and when AaronMk said:

"I already know what happens at the end. So why does it matter? In the end Frodo kills Nag. Harry Potter escapes Neverland by tapping the rings of power on his feet together. Dorthy slays the emperor and saves her father from the rabid jungle-boys who worship a pig's head. And Snape kill Trinity with Excalibur. "

This was in response too what Trickatal said:

At the moment, BlackBird is just thinking to himself, 'These people have lost the plot'

Then the thread was locked and AaronMk became a multiple-billionare who now lives in Eastern Poland.

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