The Emoticone is a popular Sporum meme derived from the word emoticon, which, in case you didn't know, are those little smiley face things you can put in your posts.

Birth of the Emoticone

The emoticone was born when user maxd24 misspelled the the word emoticon as "emitcone". ashkelon noticed the typo, and found it hilarious.

don't worry... i was experimenting with tihs emitcones

- maxd24

Dracilust and Dragonvoid took the term and played with it, attaching to it the idea that emoticones are poisonous hallucinogens. The emoticone soon gained a face when Dracilust put his amazing Photoshopping skills to work. Witness the birth of the emoticone. Although the original misspelling was "emitcone," some confusion arose as to the correct "usage" of the term when Dracilust used the words "emoticone" and "emiticone." A feud broke out between emoticone users a
Comiccone Part 2 SlimeCone by AaronMk

SlimeCone executes ConeGuards in the second episode of the Comiccone as found on AaronMk's DA

bout which was the "proper" form of the word, but it has since died down with the disappearance of user kaleb702, a
nd most people have settled on "emoticone" as their chosen word.

Soon after the word emoticone came into usage, kaleb702 started a thread in the Creator Corner subforum as a dedication to this new meme. To this date, a better thread has never been made. In this thread, the core emoticone group was formed. The thread's early days were shaky, however, and it might have died if not for Taupo, who created an emoticone creation in Spore. The thread seemed to come alive, as users watched that creation make it to the first page of the MPN. However, the fun would soon be cut short, as the thread was locked by SporeMasterSlime, who felt it had nothing to do with Spore.

The emoticone didn't die there, however. User BenKane took it upon himself to start a forum for the outraged emoticone users. The memberlist is small, and the forum is private, with new members accepted by invitation only, but despite all that, the Emoticone Forum, or the ECF, thrives. Of course, we won't mention what goes on there sometimes...

Currently, the emoticone has evolved into many forms. such as the Zomdiecone, the Birdiecone, the darkcone, and the Tripticone. User Taupoalso created a collection of smilies, which emoticone users try to work into Sporum discussions.



Uses of the Emoticone

Many users greet each other or new users by stating something along the lines of "Here, have an Emoticone." while posting an emoticone smilie. Emoticones can also be given as a commemoration of win.

The Book on Emoticone Side-effects:

255: You will get a papercut from this book.

256: Imaginary animals fly out of your mouth.

257: Exploding diarrhea.

258: Thinking too much may make your brain asplode.

259: You may see flying monkey dragons.

260: Tripticones will pop out and do the hula.

261: Fruits will turn into vegetables.

1335: Sharks taste your skin with their tongues.

1336: Your skin may become the color of the emoticone consumed.

1337: L33T diarrhea imexplodes on contact. All side-effects 1 -100 will effect you as well.

1338: The trampling of purple elephants.

1339: Gain a sixth sense

Basically, for anyone who has played the Megaman Battle Network series games 3-6, emoticones are Darkchips. The more you use them, the more side effects kill you on the battlefield that is the Sporum


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