Now the days of DarkLord had grown old and dark. Hate killed the Sporum and its soil became extremely infertile from DarkLord's poison. His spam and fiery flame tossed over generation by generation. Many perished and the light of the Sporum grew dimmer and dimmer, flushed out by his darkness. As the days went on, SporeMasterSlime lost his edge and became like an animal. His authority was stressed by his tyrannical heart and he grew paranoid with the demonic proxies of DarkLord. Every member who was at all questionable was banished from the Sporum. Every soul who spoke against SporeMasterSlime was also banished and soon the Sporum became desolate and a wasteland.

As the snow cleared from the cold winter grounds on the Sporum the realms pushed together once more and the veils thinned. Darkel and his army stepped through the thinned boundaries and they carried upon their shoulders a thousand calamities. They threw their calamities upon the soil and lit ablaze many fires across the land. Darkel's hand outstretched across the grounds and wrecked havoc across every town and village. Their threadful homes were ruined by the flashing of light and the blaring of Darkel's ominous song. His sinful music spread across all the land that night and fire fell from every corner of the world. Spam built its nest and spread across the world.

The disruption was so great that the clouds parted amidst the morning and light shone through. SporeMasterDOGC_Kyle come from the clouds with a song of joyful noise and a righteous Banhammer, one that would not spread tyranny across the Sporum. And thus he banished the hordes of DarkLord, that demon from the place they call Emoticonia. Darkel, the DarkLord, fell from his heights and his nation of black was leveled. His throne shattered and his gaze was dissolved. Thus from this dust, he and his brother, Sharples, who had aided him in his struggle, crawled to strike again.

Running high, and with the might of cunning came MataRahi, who many call the deceiver. He came from his abominable home in the other worlds and offered his helping hand to the withering brothers. MataRahi came to the Sporum and wagered with its king, Kyle, that these fallen ones return to the Sporum and redeem themselves their sins. And through MataRahi, Kyle forgave. And this Darkel and his dire brother Sharples came upon the Sporum and merged with it. There they walked among the Sporumers and were redeemed.

Our DarkLord hath returned to us. Our souls are safe from his evil once and forevermore.

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