The fabled Book of Sporum.

Originally started as a wiki joke, it has grown to have many famous stories such as the Ballad of MaxisKane, The Coming of MinionJoe, and Ultimate and the Wiki. It will also discuss what is to happen during the last era of the Second Age (the current Sporum Age that we are in) and how the Third Age will go. This Third (or Platinum) Age is rumored to be a time of great prosperity and a time when General Discussion is civilized, roleplays are planned, and more users are attracted to the Sporum and its wiki. It is prophecized to begin with the second coming of spore, as the arrival of the sequel will breathe much needed new life into the community.

Table of ContentsEdit

In the BeginningEdit

Evil ArisesEdit

Users of LegendEdit

After the Wiki's CreationEdit

The Aeon of Complete EvilEdit

The Third Age of the SporumEdit

In Conclusion - A Set of CommentariesEdit

  • Commentaries - In the Beginning
  • Commentaries - Evil Arises
  • Commentaries - Users of Legend
  • Commentaries - The Future of the Sporum
  • Commentaries - After the Creation of the Wiki
  • Commentaries - The Aeon of Complete Evil

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