techno605 is a not very well known Sporumer. He has 780 messages posted. It can be seen at this link:

General HistoryEdit

He is at the top twenty most subscribed list and well known in Spore. He has 2827 subscribers. He joined Spore on June 21, 2008 and "quitted" on April 9, 2011. He joined the Sporum on 10/28/2008 04:51:49.

His main speciality is making buildings. He makes geometric, abstract, and shiny buildings. He has been mass downrated and bullied by Life0nMars (according to techno605 and comments from alts).

The Black AgeEdit

The black age was when techno605 said he would quit due to downrating. Many of his subs made anti-downrating creations and creations asking him to come back. One day, he did. This is most likely when techno605 thought of a new philosophy.

techno605's Philosophy of Countering Mass-Downrating/BullyingEdit

This philosophy is used by some people. Anti-downrating groups, such as ADL, adopted a philosophy similar to this. The philosophy is as follows:

  1. This is only a game. Rates are faces.
  2. Ignore. The bully/downrater will get tired of it.

The Non-LeavingEdit

techno605's non-leaving was not long. He eventually came back. He has been one of the main supporters of the idea that the user called yorokobu is actually Life0nMars.

The Fake Ban MessageEdit

An alt called MoreToCome commented "0-0 techno605 got banned 0-0". This was not true and just an attempt to stir up uncertainty.

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