Guessing BoxEdit

Edit in your guesses as to who you think this is.

INb4 Doomsoul for having Suicidal in his Sporum Wikia name or OsakaSun for being a poem writer.

The Mystery behind Suicidal AngelsEdit

Angel (2)

What he/she probably looks like behind his/her Desktop Monitor.

Who is this user? Why does he/she write poems?

No one really knows. Suicidal_Angels croped up around late July 2011 and has seemed to randomly posted a poem a week since then. They seem to talk about the Sporum and unity, although some references make no absolute sense while others are vague references.

One or two of the later ones tend to be mocking users either for their supposed stupidity (i.e. Alpha being rude to a new user) and for supposed disliked threads/themes (i.e. Bronie Thread).

Known Facts so Far (Edit in this box as well)Edit

  1. So far, any external references are linked to metal bands, Mainly Suicidal Angels (the band) and the Black Metal band Netherbird.
  1. Apparently, there are one or two users who already know who Suicidal Angels is already.
  1. He commented on a creation by LoneStar45 stating "One of many out there which holds us all together as one. Excellent job my friend."

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