This is the story of how (in a roleplay-type format) BE was created: just in a better form than constant explanation. BEHOLD!

The Great CreationEdit

This takes place in the Roleplay Section, called by it's participants RP Section. It was May 5th, 2010 when an idea was born by a novice roleplayer named Jch2897. She (at the time was thought to be a he) stood in a dark lair, shrouded in thought, and was intruged with the idea of creating a "roleplay.", though she had little experience at this. And then an idea hit her, to create one unlike any other: one whose idea has never been thought by the greatest of minds! She, after weeks of thought and effort, made a roleplay that gained popularity fast, and she herself became well known: The Beast would grow bigger by the day and gained more followers in the hour. Jch was pleased with this, but little did she know what terrible things would unfold...

The RealizationEdit

Many months have passed since the Beast was concieved, it had grown thousands of pages and had gained enemies as well. The most loyal followers went to battle to defend their precious roleplay and succeeded, but all was not well for it's creator. She began to worry that the haters would launch a more powerful attack on her beloved creation, and kill it for good, but soon put the worry off. The Beast itself had no lack of attention and was an eyesore for some RP-goers, others thought of it as a heaven. This conflict destroyed threads launched by the followers, and derailed some more unrelated to the subject. But soon, the massive thread would come to an end---with a successor.

The SuccessorEdit

A mere two months later, a sequel to the roleplay was released by it's most loyal and most popular follower, Omnivex. The creator, Jch, was outraged and upset that the Beast's Successor was made at the time of the Beast's late lifespan, and shortly after the Beast fell down into the depths of the Roleplay Section, never to be seen again. The Successor was not as popular as the last, and lasted another two months before the foretelling of the Ultimate was birthed.

The UltimateEdit

It has been told that a second sequel (A sequel to a sequel?) will come. The followers are eager to see this before their very eyes...

But is the story over?

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