Spore roleplay in action.

Spore Roleplay was user-requested in late 2008, with a petition lead by PrincofIce. It is very active, and rarely gets spammed. Between 70% and 80% of users agree this is a good place to post in. Others disagree, and this is one of the many sources of conflict on the Sporum and is one of the most off topic places to post in.

List of Notable Roleplayers

  • OsakaSun
  • Da_Strong Will
  • Awierdgamer
  • JacOat12
  • wolfji
  • CaptainGreene
  • DragonEye4
  • Lukeking4564
  • CrimsonHunter89
  • Abasplores
  • Jax181
  • Randomyeto.
  • EthanAlex
  • Omnivex
  • jch2897
  • WOLFIN298
  • AaronMk
  • Luna_Cat16
  • darkdragon26
  • ultimateplay91
  • Velociraptor_guy
  • Unuhexium
  • Leestriter
  • CaptainGreene
  • hockeater
  • irishpirate262
  • MagmaGroudon
  • ChaosHarbinger
  • Eochaid1701
  • Tarcin
  • Legs250
  • Jimmney3
  • Kaleb702
  • Losers Who Want To Boost Their Post Count Instead Of Actually Enjoying the Very Fine Art of Roleplaying

List of Notable Roleplays

General Roleplays


  • The Gods Begin their Reign
  • Sqweedo's Island Resort
  • Wild space: New Generation.

Dead Roleplays

  • Astromead High School of Heroes... and Villans
  • At Comet's End
  • Omnivorial Society
  • Imprisonment
  • Order of the Elements
  • Wild Space 1-2
  • Out of the Darkness
  • Phylum

Strategy RolePlays

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