Spore Console is a very slow part of the Sporum, with only a few new posts a day and sometimes no new posts at all for weeks. It was created for users to chat about Wii and DS (console) expansions such as Spore Hero, but, since these games have little content and therefore little to discuss, this section is largely dead.

DarkSpore to be discussed here?Edit

It had been thought that Darkspore would be discussed here, because there was no other place to talk about the new spinoff; however, Darkspore is a PC game, not a console game. For now, discussion of Darkspore seems to be centered in the Spore General Discussion subforum and the Darksporum. See the link to Darkspore above for more information.

Notable ThreadsEdit

Other InformationEdit

This subforum has very little activity, and it took quite some browsing to even find those three "notable" threads. It has only a few more than 2,000 total messages, while certain individual threads located in other subforums have far more posts than the whole of this subforum.