In the very beginning of this fuckfest, there was nothing. No Spore Trivias, No Flash the bird, no Strutting your butt. No nothing. As of 2012 or so, it was confirmed. Spore was dead. Everything was normal on the forums until one day, an 11 year old Spongebob weeabooo faggot came onto the servers of the Sporum. Immediately he started making threads, but not ordinary threads. Threads that were so retarted, so out of place, so WTF, they made the eyes of Sporumers bleed from his explosive rants of epic proportion. Spongebobrocks23, or SBR23 as his acquaintances call him, back then was serious fucking business. People had tried to reason with SBR, but just would not listen, it was like he didn't even care.

Present Day

SBR as of 2013 - 20XX is now a respected member of the Spore community. No longer did he spam and rant at people like a Loudered, he posted sensible threads with sensible meaning.

And that's just the way the Sporumers wanted it.

The Backup Plan

Sometime in the year of 2015, SBR23 created two backup Sporums. The first one was made with exactly the same program the original Sporum was made from. The forum ended up being destroyed because of Darklord, who had recently attacked it. The second forum was kept in secret from anyone at all...but reading this now, you know theres a second was a dumbass move.

Deep Diddily Doo Doo

SBR23 had a love/hate relationship with the citizens of the Sporum. He's stated this on various threads. But, it has come to the point where people have been so overwhelmed with SBR, he's officially become a infamous Sporumer. Not only for his insults to the Sporum, but for various other things such as the creation of Sporum Poop and his post in Sporum: The Gendering. While he was not expecting this kind of fame from the Sporum, he was fine knowing that he's know for something.

wait. wut.

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