The space pony meme is a meme started by sporemasterblackbird and promoted by the semi-spammer prettyboyAlex. It involves pink ponies with jetpacks on their backs. Rumors say they like to fly through banana-flavored clouds. Space Ponies do not know at all what spammers and trolls are. Legend says that "spammers" and "trolls" are the obnoxious Space Ponies, the evil anti-version of Space Ponies. When Obnoxious Space Ponies attack, the best option is to hide, for jumping in front will only feed them.

Space Ponies is a forum meme first brought up in the Science and Spore section, then popularized by sporemasterblackbird.


The thread, I'm lost....., is the earliest thread that has been found to mention Space Ponies. In the thread, Dragonvoid had asked OneBlackbird for proof of these Space ponies. OneBlackbird agreed, stating that he had already planned on posting one that day. Sadly though, OneBlackbird has since wiped his profile, and the Space Pony is no longer there. It is believed that they date back further, but no thread has been found yet.

Space PoniesEdit

A space pony is described as being pink ponies with long yellow banana-colored hair, with jet packs. There are two known species of Space Ponies, the obnoxious Space Ponies, and the normal Space Pony

Popular CultureEdit

The roleplayEdit

After being prompted and given the proposition to do so issued after a discussion, Screeble with little experience of roleplays created the offical roleplay casting himself as Optimus pony and setting up a plot including Space sharks Pony's attacking earth and a penguin who thinks he is julius ceasar

Unfortunaltly it has been lost due to the low number of applicants and screeble's ban and has never made a comeback.

Obnoxious Space PoniesEdit

The meme was recognized by OneBlackbird in the stickied thread Obnoxious Space Ponies (important banana-flavored update inside). Of course, the name of the thread was created to warn people what to do in-case of trolls/spam-attacks. The troll would be considered an "obnoxious space pony" and should just be ignored.

In the thread, many refrences to space ponies were created and a banner was eventually made saying "I believe in Space Ponies", linking to the stickied thread. From there, the meme grew to massive numbers.


Do you?

Blackbird later became more associated to the meme in such works as SpacePonies: The Movie

SpacePonies: The MovieEdit

Similar to the Hugmonster Movie thread, SpacePonies: the Movie was an idea thought up by pelicanthor, and is currently being worked on for a future project.


Folow the Obnoxious SpacePonies on an adventure through Space and Time, all with one goal in mind... To stop the one known as the "BlackBird".

List of Known Space PoniesEdit

Space ponies come in different forms and species:

  • Normal Space Ponies (The Original Space ponies.)
  • Obnoxious Space Ponies (Trolls, spammers, etc...)
  • 1000 Foot Space Ponies (For those of you who like manly ponies)
  • Minituare Space Ponies (They make great gifts)
  • Red and Green Space ponies (Very festive)
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