These Sporeons were banned before their time.


Mad props to the fallen.

Never forgetEdit

  • Rebecca1208 - Unbanned, banned, unbanned...
  • MinionJoe
  • GandWuser - Now roams as GandZombie
  • SSJ3_Raditz - Banned for Spuke's abuse of the report button, last seen on the Eurospore forums and Spuke's article talk page.
  • ju1ietta - Returned as ju1ietta_f0rever to comment only; rarely uploads creations. Only three are on her profile, and that will likely be it.
  • Slartibartfast38 - Banned for a "inhale my fart" joke.
  • Descardion - Returned as Impious_Iron.
  • Miralynn - Banned for being related to troll STUPIDOO. Luckily, she was recently unbanned.

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