SelinaC05 was a relatively young (at ~9 years, in violation of the EULA) female member of the Sporum who found it after the maintenance of 2015, during the massive influx of new users. She was notorious for her high activity level, trollish antics, and for having caused the greatest clusterfuck the Sporum had seen since the AntiSporum.


SelinaC05 is well-known amongst those who remember the distant past of 2015, for her major contributions to the continuing decline of the Sporum at the time. She was perceived by a large majority of the community as a rather toxic user for her impulsive, careless attitude mixed with her habit of (arguably hypocritical) minimodding, as well as her seeming protection by the moderation (examples being the bans of DarkLord979 and Spode-an, two key figures of The Lynch Mob). As a result, she quickly became infamous on the aging Sporum.

She had also gained scorn for her dragon-like species, the Lilladrakes. This was due in no small part for her self-proclaimed "leadership" of a race of imaginary purple dinosaurs. While a harmless tendency on its own, in tandem with SelinaC05's characteristically juvenile attitude, many users either found it insufferable, or mocked it (such as claiming to bypass the Lilladrakes' "protection bubble").

For a few months, Selina wreaked havoc upon the Sporum, building her infamous reputation. The mods refused to take any action against her due to her "being so new and young". Eventually, however, as the mods seemed to vanish and the spam only intensified, the Sporumers had enough. Something had to be done about the rampant spamming of badly made lavender Triassic-themed creatures, and a certain Local Noseless Man was up for the job.

The Lynching Edit

It was DarkLord who decided to take this chance to purge the Sporum of all impurity. He took the role as leader of the Sporum during the absence of the SporeMasters and created a gang known as The Lynch Mob. Their goal was to "lynch" users, which involved spamming targeted users via PMs with flash spam, trolling, public harassment, and much more; Selina was the first target of the Mob, as well as being the most notorious. She was spammed and trolled to no end in the most obscene ways, falling under a massive campaign of gore, flash spam, and linkbombs until she had finally ragequit and (sadly only temporarily) left the Sporum.

In the end, the operation was shut down by SporeMasterDOGC_Kyle, resulting in the banning of DarkLord and the subsequent outcry by much of the Sporum. There were many follow-up bans dealt out to users such as Spode-an and DogeHershies (amongst many others), who had also participated in the lynchings and/or the protests afterwards. And at the core of this entire clusterfuck, the root cause of it all: Selina, arguably one of the most l33t tr0lls in recent Sporum history.

Suspension Edit

All is not terrible though, as eventually, SelinaC05 was given a suspension by SporeMasterDOGC_Kyle.

After a while of goofing off, and another while of realizing what had just happened, the Sporumers hailed the suspension as a New Year's miracle. Of course, the time came for it to expire shortly thereafter. Despite the optimism of some users, she returned to go on a hypocrisy-laden tirade against various users - DOGC_Kyle in particular - apparently having learned nothing from her past mistakes.

Current Status Edit

In very early 2016, her Spore account was deactivated, and thus, her Sporum account was deactivated too. Later, she announced it. In late 2016, her Google and Youtube accounts - previously discovered by Sporumers - were deleted. However, rumor has it that SelinaC05 still lurks the Sporum and its many fansites, in a more perverse and corrupted form...