Saltdfrost is an agender user on the Sporum who is known to be rather snarky at times but doesn't go out of their way to insult people for no reason (well not anymore). Their creations usually have a "cute" sort of style to them. (Though that is debatable)

Their Beginning Edit

Saltdfrost appeared on the Sporum as an oblivious microbe in summer of 2010, their plan was to only post to enter their freind's contest, but decided to wander the Sporum. They first made a stop at ghostofillusuion's sig shop Exalted Signatures, where they ordered their first signature for a currently cancelled adventure series called "Dark Cute Alliance" which was inspired by Darkspore, before they found out that it was a totally stupid idea.

Saltdfrost discovered Spore Weddings while randomly browsing around on the Sporum, a thread owned by Moonsina which then became their main hangout thread.

Ownership Over Spore Weddings Edit

After Moonsina quit spore, Saltdfrost remade the Spore weddings thread so it can be updated.

However, they later closed it seeing as it was not successful at all.

Their End Edit

On July 28th, 2014, Saltdfrost decided to leave the forum since they found it to be a distraction and figured it wasn't worth venturing on there anymore. They made it clear that they weren't attached to spore and that they'd rather move onto animation. So Frostie bidded farewell to the place known as the sporum, and forever they wander the depths of the internet..

Trivia Edit

  • They have been on spore since October 8th, 2008.
  • They vaguely know how to animate.
  • They have never been banned. Ever.