Sakiara is 25 year old Canadian-Viking-Valkryie who is fairly well known and highly respected on both the Sporum and Sporepedia. She is a veteran sporumer/creator who has been around since September 2008.
Valkyrie 2

What Sakiara is thought to look like

The SporumEdit

Sakiara is mainly known for her overall kindness and willingness to help other users. She is most famous for her stickied thread "All About Buildings" but has also created and participated in a number of other helpful threads. She was a known member of the Night Club, Spore TV, and Spore University. Sakiara is also an author on Parkaboy's Blob SporeTips and an honorary member on EuroSpore.

Notable ThreadsEdit


On, Sakiara is a well known and talented building creator. She creates a variety of buildings from realistic houses to artistic silhouettes. Although specializing in the building

A creation by Sakiara

editor, she will often venture into others, creating creatures, vehicles, and adventures as well. Sakiara is known for being one of the most featured creators as well, having accumulated 5 within her two years of creating on Spore.

Sakiara's profile link

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