Reverb Design (sometimes called RD) is a signature shop in the Creator Corner created by sig-making veteran Elec325, after the shut-down of Carnage Signatures.

It currently holds members MKCSTEALTH and Elec325. Thread sucked and now its dead.

The banner of RD.



Another sig-making veteran, demonic790 start posting in the thread. He was subsequently hired by Elec. G3NJI and other sig-makers such as world_piece, Warboss92, G3NJI and ghostofillusion started posting in the thread, and the shop became popular. Many people request from the shop, despite the fact that there were only three artists. Many other intermediate artists like irishpirate262, Jeffrey94 and N1NJ4X posted alongside, and the shop became even more popular and well-liked.

Trouble ArisesEdit

Many people didn't like the way that Elec would critique pieces of art. World_piece stated that Elec was "Too bland in some parts, and too cruel on others". He also tried to derail Nova Signatures, owned by titaniccreatures , but his posts were to leet for Elec's alt, Reverb.. Elec then banned world_piece from Reverb Design. Also, Sporum member GloxInTheBox was banned from Carnage Signatures, which carried onto Reverb Design. Glox was not aware of this and posted in the thread normally. Anybody who talked to Glox would become banned as well. Soon, Warboss92, world_piece and Glox were all on the banned list.

Glox posted "the f***s with you" to how Elec responded with Glox's presense. Elec then stated "because you look like this: IMG" and posted an image of Glox posted on the "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" thread. Both users were flamed by Haxorzunited14.

And around page 83, demonic790 stated that he didn't like how Warboss was banned. Warboss was usually a nice poster, and didn't do much to harm Elec besides critique his sigs in a slightly less cruel manner than Elec himself. Elec replied, "If you don't like how I run my shop, you can get out." Demonic then posted an absolute post of win. Gaze at its win

demonic790 was subsequently banned and fired from Reverb Design. He later went on to form Frantic Design on EuroSpore.

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