Remypas Worthy Missions, or RWM, is the current leading adventure review thread. It is located in the Adventure Corner subforum. RWM maintains a Sporecast of every adventure to be deemed sufficiently high-quality; said Sporecast is one of the most popular adventure Sporecasts to date and contains many high-quality adventures.

RWM was founded by Remypas, whose creations are above average but not terrific - with the notable exception of his excellent adventures. The thread currently employs several other reviewers as well.

Remypas also holds adventure contests based in the thread, primarily targeted at users of RWM's services. Winners of these adventure contests are added to the Sporecast, and these contests are usually quite popular.

The SposcarsEdit

Recently, RWM launched a sub-project known as the Sposcars. This project aims to be an Oscars-like award system for the best adventures ever created in Spore. Initially, nominations were accepted for each of several categories; these nominations were then added to community polls for free voting, with the top four of each poll going on to be judged by the Academy (a board of Sporeons headed by Remypas himself.)

No Sposcars have yet been awarded, but the project is proceeding smoothly as of yet.

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