The Fizzy Rise of ProperEdit


Naming Fuel in large amounts... Remember that everyone.

One day, two friends got drunk off of 800 cans of Shandy and the other one said "YOUUU... Should errm like name yourself p-properhealth, yeah name your self properhealth for wat they like do stuff at the hospital with". Sadly, they both peed furious amounts several minutes later and passed out on top of each other.

Proper woke up 12 hours later and a copy of SPORE magically appeared infront of her. She installed one damn epic game and started making some blobs untill she became pretty decent over an unknown amount of time.

About Properhealth

Properhealth is an active member of the Sporum Community who is mainly known to be the creator of the ZeeDerpW (Aka. ZDW) Fanclub and for making an 'Ink' shop which contains jet-black dripping creatures which look quite frankly like living ink. This shop was closed due to her Spore game not working any more.

Even though her game does not work, she still resides in the deep crevices of the Sporum, and few RPs that entitle to her appeal.

Properhealth's Sporepedia Creations are provided in a Link below.

Properhealth's Sporepedia Creations

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