Pokochan98 roams the Sporums and creates on Spore. Also called Poko and Pokochan, Pokochan98 currently has more than 3,000 posts. Poko uses more emoticons than needed. Poko's favorites are :D, XD, and ☺.

This is Poko after eating "happiness dust". Happiness dust originates from yorokobu.


In simple words:

  • Buys Spore
  • Evolves Pokovore
  • Buys GA
  • Discovers and plays with the editors.
  • Finds techno605
  • Learns about downraters.
  • Finds sharples88
  • Discovers
  • Gets downrated by LOM
  • Discovers the Sporum
  • Become "allies" with sharples
  • sharples turns on Poko
  • Joins ADL
  • techno605 leaves
  • Gets Darkspore
  • Mostly Leaves Sporum
  • Account error
  • Fixed account issue


Pokochan98 started creating in the summer of 2010. The first creation Poko tried hard on was a blue serpent, inspired by CopperLou. Poko created more serpents, neon birds, and neon serpents. Afterwads, Poko tried different things to create. At one point, Poko started creating eyes. Poko also makes shiny creatures(using the shiny glitch) and buildings.

Poko's style for creating is "Simple and shiny!".

Pokochan98's Philosophy about Spore and the SporumEdit

Pokochan98 has a simple view of Spore. Here are the basics:

  1. Be happy. No one likes an unhappy creater.
  2. Comment nicely. 1 to a 1,000 that you'll get an insult back.
  3. Downrating... Make a creation. Put in the description "If you like this, downrate it. If you hate it, uprate it." Your downrater will be the biggest fan you've ever had.
  4. Mass create to get the downrater off your back.
  5. Insults on the internet are just typed. Like a book. If a book is insulting you, do you cry? No.
  6. Capitols and bad spelling makes people think you are 8.
  7. Don't yell all the time.
  8. When you comment, uprate. People like uprates.

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