Poisson14 was a member of the Sporum until the mass migration that took place around the time of DarkSpore's announcement, though he had already began to lose interest long before, only remaining tethered by the tightly nit community of veteran sporumers.


He was almost exclusively active in the S&S Section, though occasionally ventured out to other sections. He was a follower of the Kings of S&S, much like many other S&Sers. He has openly expressed his disappointment at arriving right at the end of the Creationism Wars, not being able to express his atheistic views, instead passively showing then in his signature.


Poisson14's arrival at the Sporum was a result of pure chance. During one of the many updates of the Sporepedia, he noticed that "Holy s**t, this place has a forum!?" [citation needed] And of course the rest is...clearly readable on the forum if he hasn't been Melvin'd.


Due to complaints of Spore's lack of the promised scientifically based evolution, several members of the Sporum banded together to try and create a game that is more scientifically based. The game has gone through several different host websites due to rebellion (it's own story) and faulty forum programming before settling in it's current URL. Progress has been sl

We are sorry for that shameless plug. The writers responsible have been sacked.


Other than this, no epic stories have been written of Poisson14's exploits as of yet, such as his courageous and dangerous observations of Masonicon and other trolls so as to try and decipher the language of Trollglish, or that time he singlehandedly fought twenty other sporumers in a flamewar. [citation needed]


Poisson has recently returned to the Sporum, only to find that many of the great Sporumers of old were lost in attacks, forced to flee the besieged site. His home sub-forum of the S&S was severely hit, though it was already suffering greatly even before his departure.

Upon his return, he hung around for about a week before disappearing again. His activity has been sporadic ever since. He hasn't even been seen on the ECF as of late.


During one of his last visits, he revealed (through sig) that he was 1Esprit5, though some [who?] had already suspected due to similar posting styles, personalities, location, creation style, etc. as well as the immediate skill he showed in creature creation, unlike the usual drivle created by new creators.

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