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Mrs. Sophies.RAWR!

Mrs. Sophies is the cat of Mortimer , the notorious and evil Unholy Ghost. While mostly powerless, she has demonstrated some strength by using her retractable claws to shred signature rotaters, causing them to fail. Very hated and annoying.

Royal Glitch House of Midzo
KelvinMidzoMelvinMelviiMortimerWilliam ShatnerRichardSallyAntiSpode
Other, Lesser Glitches
VladmirOlgaMichael JacksonJoséKeithBieberKathyDebbyGregoryLady GaGaMedFascMrs. SophiesWallyKevinDoctor OctagonopusScreebles (glitch)Ghostofillusion (glitch)Yoshi (glitch)

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