"In Baza we trust, as he is our lord and savior, the one with admin powers, the one that will save our world, as in Baza we trust" -alexbiri, 2015

"Best developer ever." -Sharples65, 2015 too

MaxisBazajaytee is a Maxis admin who inherited Spore from MaxisKane to manage. He is widely regarded as a 'savior', due to Spore's and the Sporum's stagnance of activity from Maxis prior to MaxisBazajaytee's arrival. The Maxis developers on the Operations team continue to update and maintain the servers, they also feature creations and hosts seasonal contests occassionally.

One of his first particular contributions of his is relocating the Spore servers. This is despite him being the only person put in charge of the project. Although it took several weeks, it was accomplished (the wait between was a saga on its own).