Luhjgh is an possible spammer and creator of Omega Space Junkies Signatures.

Hacking Controversy

Luhjgh pm

The PM to ghostofillusion where luhjgh claims to be hacked.

On the Omega Junkies Sigs thread, ghostofillusion sent luhjgh a long PM full of flaming and swear words, where "luhjgh" eventually revealed he was actually another user named PiPikpikmin who keylogged luhjgh and planned to get him banned. After ghostofillusion threatened to tell a Sporemaster, PiPikpikmin supposedly called luhjgh and gave him his account back.

Soon, the supposed "real" luhjgh announced that he was hacked in GD, making a thread about it. He claims that his "best friend" hacked him, and he had not been posting here since July 2009. Nobody but ghostofillusion believed him at the time. Then, ghostofillusion showed the PM to everybody and more started to believe luhjgh was hacked. However, users later had their doubts when they realized that luhjgh had not changed at all.

Someone named SpikeStrider apparently hacked him as well. After making a "ZOMG I'M A HAXOR LOLOLOLOLOL" thread, he and pipikmin teamed up and began spamming the Sporum, with annoying pictures of battling stickfigures, and random nonsense to the effect of "hnvcxnv". It wasn't long before they both got banned. SpikeStrider himself has sence come to the Sporum trying to become an SM, and being horrendously banned like luhjgh should.

Luhjgh then claimed to get hacked a third time by STUPIDOO. He first 'claimed to be hacked' in a PM sent to Pie4Pigs . Yet when he spammed he seemed to do it in a totally n00bish way that was very different from STUPIDOO's fapping techniquie, which puts many doubts on this theory.

STUPIDOO, however, later claimed that it was Grandhox who hacked Luhjgh:

He's talking **** by the way. It was GrandHox.  


He finally admitted that the other hacks that happened were fakes. see the discussion here:

He later created an alt called "Eaxisluhjgh", where he claimed he was "hired at eaxis" for cereal.

Lujgh's topics

The Sporum Pledge of Good Will was a pledge for people who wanted to redeem their evilness, and was made with the help of Pie4Pigs, spinus, and a few other Sporumers. This topic was then unfortunately instantly spammed by SpikeStrider, and people began to claim that the thread was spam.

Then there is his sig shop: Omega Space Junkies Signatures where people never request sigs from. Luh's shop currently has himself as artists there.

Then more recently is the Fanclub Luhjgh started. Which is surprisingly normal for his standards of making threads. It is known as TMDM originally TDM before Mythology randomly asked he if could be added..and later was. The club is for Drew980 (3rd Fanclub), Tarantuloc, Miralynn, and Mythology-

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