They are a rare sight indeed, but they deserve a place here.

"Legitimate Alts" are alternative accounts made on the trial Spore, designed not for the purpose to spam or troll, but to simply apply a different identity, often related to some in-joke in or out of the Sporum. Not to be confused with alts made for regular posting by a certain user, such as Impious_Iron and GandZombie.


Yes. That rare.

The Not-so-Big ListEdit

  • Annunaki, an S&S alt based on the Annunaki meme.
  • ArsZobongo, taking the collective names of the Gods of the BAU Fanclub. Acted like a god, and posted one word in bold, another italic and another underlined, repeating forever, just like this.
  • Ashton_Kutcher, an alt of yoshii who posted a few times, usually when lulz was needed.
  • Bater, an byproduct of the "Your SM names" thread, in which he stated his SM name would be SporeMasterBater. Has occasionally returned to post normally.
  • EmoLandFish, another Sporum meme alt.
  • fastalt, an alt used to voice opinions on the Sporum's graphic design community and generally be alty. Is way cooler than the imitator slowalt.
  • Tjinga, the greatest alt of all time. Occurred in Cobra6099's "Create a Nickname for the User Above You" when people started talking about a being called "Tjinga" (obviously meaning a penis). Tjinga the alt then appeared and began to spout off innuendo of the calibre of Dragonvoid herself.
  • Zomdie and ZomdieofMcDonalds, two alts relating to the Zomdies from McDonalds meme.
  • MobsterMania is the alt of HRMatthew, which is used in the Sporum instead of his main account.

(More soon, edit to add)

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