LOLSPORE (or commonly misspelled LOLspore or LOLSpore), was a thread in the Spore General Discussion subforum that was started by ghostofillusion. It was originally a complication of epic fails, irony, win, and even the common lulz.

Creation and Golden AgeEdit

The idea of the thread was originally thought up by ghostofillusion. He had the idea of combining Platinum Quotes, the destroyed Mouthwash Fail Comments Thread, and other threads into one thread with an active OP.

The thread was formed on August 10th, 2010. It had 4 reserve posts, an introductory post, about 53 different quotes, a special cases section, and more. The thread was well liked by many Sporumers, and many found great lulz and win in the thread altogether.

Decline and FallEdit

At around page 50, the thread started to get out of hand. Rules had to be set to stop regular civilzed Sporum goers from spamming too much. Some users attempted to stop the spam, but their cries were easily drowned out.  Soon, the thread was flooded with quote pyramid and endless pictures.  The thread was locked two days after its creation by sporemasterblackbird.

To this day, the thread remains one of the Sporum's biggest mysteries, because no one knows how a thread on the Sporum could possibly get over 50 pages in two days.

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