Both a pleasent, sugary and refreshing beverage and a means of mass-suicides.

The Kool-aid infamyEdit

For the most part Kool-Aid lived a harmless life. It was THE choice for parents and children as a refreshment. It could be easily mixed in a jug of water and served at dinner or at pic-nics. It would be no wonder that Jim Jones would pick Flavor-Aid - a copy of Kool-Aid - to kill off his following. In the morning of November 17, 1978 Congressman Leo Ryan would visit Jonestown, Guyana. He was investigating reports of mis-treatment and the bad-conditions supposedly within Pastor Jim Jone's farming commune in the South American country. After a day-long investigation of the location Congressman Leo Ryan made for home.

On his way to his air-plane a truck containing a large number of men arrived on the scene. Sometime between 5:20-5:25 the men on the truck opened fire. Shooting and killing Leo Ryan and some (if not most of) his company before his departure. This event would set into motion one of the worst mass-suicides in the modern world. After the shooting Jim Jones gave the order to brew up the deadly mix, combining Flavor-Aid with Cyanide. He then ordered his congregation to drink from the wash-tubs containing the poison.

By the end of it all the event would become the largest loss of American Civilian life until 9/11. Many refused to drink the potent mix and told reporters and investigators what happened. Jim Jones joined his people in taking his own life.

thumb|300px|right|A news reel about the Jonestown massacure

As a MemeEdit

Despite the darkness of the troo fax poisoned Kool-Aid has become something of a meme. Members are warned or offered pretend glasses of kool-aid as part of the Sporum hazing ritual. Emoticones are also offered to any newcomers and are either given a choice to pick or must take both. Even if there's technically nothing TO give.

The concept of Kool-Aid was carried over my AaronMk who was introduced to Kool-Aid as a meme on a writting board called the RSBC. Here, a member named dmxn2k could be found, joining in with casual debate and discussion. It was in these debates Kool-Aid would get its memological context as a sign of a debate growing cold. It was most commonly brought up in discussions on religon or 2012, or topics that could lead people to be killed if they were treated to seriously.

From there AaronMk would bring it to the Sporum where it took on as an offering for anyone performing a "suicidal" task; such as joining the forum in the first place.

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