Jeffrey94 is a Sporum and Spore user who has been using Spore since a short time after its release, but has only become active in the Sporum after a year or so after getting the game. He is an avid creator of high quality creations. On the Sporum, he is a regular contributor at the sig shops such as Chloro Signatures and the now-dead Exalted Signatures, Reverb Design and Carnage Signatures. He is also a member of several notable fanclubs including Real Life Spore, the DNR (Didzo/Nori/Rebecca - having created their mascot), and others.


Jeffrey94 first joined Spore on September 20 of 2008. Technically, he first joined the Sporum on December 23 of that year, but only started posting regularly in March/April of 2009. He eventually began to join some clubs, including the now-defuct Knights of Lusum (winning several internal creation contests there), Real Life Spore, and eventually starting to frequent the infamous Mootacoo/Unobtainium/Didzo Fanclub. And the rest is, as they say, history.


Jeffrey94 is a skilled creator in most editors; however, his strong point would be the vehicle editors. He is highly skilled in making sportscars in the land editors, and has made some good vehicle sets around in-game creatures. Most of his creatures are made in-game, save for those to be used exclusively as cast members in Galactic Adventures. He puts special emphasis on his Knight empire, the Bantii - a race of avian raptor-like creatures from an exceptionally hot world. Jeffrey94 is not particularly known for his work in the building editor, confining it mostly to sets for in-game creatures. He has only one adventure published: "Magneto-Grav Racing" which spent some time on the MPN.

Jeffrey94 owns core Spore and all expansions, including the Dr Pepper Bot Parts.

Forum ActivitiesEdit

Jeffrey94 is an active contributor to the Carnage and Exalted sig shops, despite not being an employee of either. He is a member of the Real Life Spore Club and a moderator on their forums. He is an early member of the Didzo/Nori/Rebecca club, having made the mascot and the winning banner. In other threads, Jeffrey94 is helpful to newer users and hard on the users who have a tendency to cause trouble, usually while maintaining a good sense of humor.

A final note from the authorEdit

Yes, this IS Jeffrey94 writing this; I've not got an account yet :P

Please note: I'm not too familiar with the wiki format. Please feel free to add in images, links, headings and the like to improve this page and bring it up to the current standard of this wiki.

Thanks for your time ;)

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