I am Sharpy63, I am creating it here because I am banned from the Sporum, if I wasen't I'd be creating on the Sporum instead.

Here is how to search the creations and users without actually using the Sporepedia. This is because the Sporepedia is tempory/permanently down.

How to Search Creations and Users.Edit

Here is where to start:

Go to that link, it is one of my creations and will show you how to share. I will explain it here, however.

This method was not by me, but it was by Davopotamus (Happy birthday anyway man)

1. Go onto google, next type in:

2. After typing in, type in something AFTER that, example: Sharpy63 

Then click the link of the user that you want to search. This the user method, if you would like to look at images of creations, then after you might want to put, lets say, car or dragon or whatever creation you're looking at, for an example: Car

Then click "Images" and look up Spore creations of your desired likings. 

There is also another possible route: Sign into instead. Then click the "LOG IN."

After that, enter your email and password, and go into: "All Creations"

While you cannot use the search stuff like "car" or "dragon" you can however, use "Date Created" "All creations" "All subtypes" and "Item Displayed" This would SEARCH and you can also narrow down your search as much as you like, unfortunely you cannot search stuff you type in.

You can also make Sporecasts. As of now, this is the only option to make Sporecasts. Making Sporecast with this option is VERY easy, but searching for your stuff is VERY HARD. However, like trying to create SporeCast in game, you don't need to add a creation in. So you can go back and add stuff at a later date. Go onto and sign in, then go to "Make Sporecast" then put your title in and description and then click create and voilà! You have just created a Sporecast in one of the easiest ways possible!

So now we know how to: 

1. Create Sporecasts

2. Look up users

3. Look up creatures 

4. Narrowing down your search using and creating Sporecasts with that site.

If you need anymore information, contact me. I'm always trying to find ways to help users with their Spore experience. But please, make a thread and copy and paste this! I don't want any attention for this, I just want to help the users of Spore.

Happy searching!

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