Haan's Unsolicited Adventure Reviews, or HUAR for short, is an adventure review shop run by misterhaan (who is also the thread's sole "employee".) HUAR differs from many other adventure review shops in that the reviews posted on the thread are unsolicited, or not requested by the adventure creator; rather, misterhaan simply reviews every adventure he deems worth playing and reviewing, then posts the review on the thread.

Adventures reviewed are given a colored face (from red to green, as with the MPN rating system) based on their overall quality. Adventures of sufficient quality are then Sporecasted in one or more of the shop's comprehensive Sporecasts.

Early daysEdit

Since many Sporumers lacked the knowledge of what the word "unsolicited" meant, several creators attempted to solicit reviews when the thread first opened. Their adventures were not reviewed.

Overall community opinionEdit

The thread is quite well-respected; though creators don't ask for their adventure to be reviewed at HUAR, most people who have been reviewed there have thanked misterhaan for the review and complimented the level of detail he goes into when critiquing the adventure. Many well-known adventure creators, including Parkaboy and jschwegman, have been reviewed by the thread, and most have had positive feedback to give.

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