Forrest93 is both one of the most loved and most hated creators in the Spore world. Many praise his creations for being very versatile, creative, and feature-worthy, while others say that they can be better. He is friends with many famous spore creators, such as AnUBISELEAsS, Hydro_Glyph, DareWrek, and DizzyBiz.

Forrest93 made his official debut in the unforgettable 2008 Spore War against one of the most loved and subscribed creators of all time, Mouthwash. Forrest was very stuck-up and a bit full of himself, and was utterly humiliated when Mouthwash released three outstanding creations and won the competition, hands-down. Obviously, he received many hateful, degrading comments. Slowly, but surely, he gained popularity, and now has over 100 subscribers. He gained much popularity when in early 2010, Forrest93 released his triocular scorpiod contest entry, and it rose quickly to become the 4th most popular creation of that time, with a rating of 157.1. He has had a few popular creations now and then, but, just when things were going smoothly, he suddenly vanished. No one has seen or heard of him since, but a few people think he is still around somewhere.


Since his return, he joined the IFMC.

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