Fibea are a bipedal creature created by gulpinking444. They have light red, scaly skin, a large nose, two legs with elephant feet, and a tail. They are known for their farm themed roleplays, as well as being killed in various manners.

There were several successful roleplays which featured Fibea as domesticated and heavily cloned and mutated animals. The Fibea have risen to become the rival of the Hugmonster. The Fibea is still widely used in the RLS.

Sporum memes

Local Memes
HugmonsterFibeaThe EmoticoneThe Brainbow of WarThe EmolandfishZomdies from McDonaldsAnnunakiAntimatter (wut iz it?)Space PonyBragons/DargonsKool-AidZomdie UnicornsThe quporporporCtalkerThe DolphinsThe StainistsStuppy
Imported Sporum Memes
The Mudkipz

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