The Earth series was an attempt to make a unique style of Civilization roleplays. It involved the countries of the Earth; fighting wars, making alliances, and banding together to face a common enemy. There was no character sheet, but instead, a list of almost all of the world's countries. To join, one would say that he wanted to join a country, for example, Canada. Multiple players were allowed to join a country, although this rarely happened. The roleplay had three parts, all of them sucsessful. The first was Global Republics of Earth, the second Earthen Aftermath, and the third, most likely the best of all, Adversity of Earth.

Veterans (those who were there from the start)Edit

Echelonx1. (United States)


CaptainGreene. (Germany and later France)

Irishpirate262. (Ireland)

Destroyer300. (China)

Tarcin. (Russia)

Newer PlayersEdit

Cole01. (Canada)

Edmontonia. (Sweden and later Bhutan)

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