Drew980 is a Sporum user who arrived in 2010. His history is very unique as he grew from a noob to one of the most respected users in Sporum history. He is kickass positive and possesses the power of gods. He was the original Kylo Ren, but was fired because his awesomeness was too much for the audience to physically (and sexually) handle. He was made one of the SporeMasters of 2015, selected by SporeMasterDOGC_Kyle to run the Sporum and settle times of huge disaster. Drew980 was very involved with the community and continues to be to this day.


An autobiographical version of Drew980's history can be found here. In Drew980's beginning he created the Spore Protest Thread, which worked to achieve a universal Bot Parts Patch, since the addition could only be received via buying Coca Cola, which was sold exclusively in the United States. He later went on to create BAU, a club which grew to be the most popular and most successful in Sporum history and continues to thrive in present day.

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