• A small snippet of a huge amount of sig spam.
  • One of SigSpam's blank posts(Jabba is not a troll)

On the 26th of March, a user known as DoubleSigspam had been spamming the picture in cool guy's signature, made by titaniccreatures. He has also made numerous blank posts with little content in them, merely to try to dominate the first page of the General Discussion section. All in all, he is an amateurish and annoying spammer.

He has similar habits to Sigspam, the Paxxon alt, because he is an alt of that. Obviously.

See also TrebleSigspam, QuadSigspam and QuintSigspam.

The Ban? Or Not?Edit

After he made 5 threads and a few posts, it seems he has stopped posting. He might have gotten banned, or just left for a little bit.It would be hard for him to get a ban because at the time none of the SM's were active. But it is stilll a possiblility!

The Threads..Edit

Here are links to 2 of his spam threads, one a signature spam, and one a blank thread.

WARNING: Do NOT post in these threads at ALL because they are SPAM threads.

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