Despite their cute and cuddly exterior, certain members of the Sporum have revealed the dark truth about dolphins!

The TruthEdit

  • Dolphins kill porpoises for the heck of it!
  • Dolphins commit infanticide in order to score with the mother!
  • Males will form groups, kidnap females and rape her. If she tries to swim away, they will beat her!
  • Dolphins beat up seals for the lulz!
  • Dolphin-Safe Tuna kills Sea Turtles
  • A Dolphin's love can wrap around your leg and maim or kill a man from the inside <3. This is most important.

How the Truth was DiscoveredEdit

One day, on the thread called "Improving the Human Body", a sporumer by the name of MassiveBlackHole pointed out that orcas kill other dolphins because they believe it is a source of food. Others such as Slyth33, Velociraptor_guy, Voter, and MisterTurtle went into a two page discussion about how dolphins are evil and should be killed off. A thread was even made called "Death to the Dolphins!! Life to the Sharks!" This thread talked about even more issues such as how everyone hates sharks and how seals eat penguins. Unfortunately, sporemasterblackbird locked the thread after a page and a post of discussion.


Despite the dolphin hate there are people who will proudly crusade for the rites of the dolphin. Their crusade seeks to promote the positive, loving attributes of dolphins. To them, they are able, well endowed creatures with a powerful sense of love and companionship. They are well-mannered mates that many will go to great lengths to be with.

Once it wraps around your leg, you will know how strong their love is.

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