Sporum disasters are events on the Sporum that include spamming, trolling, glitches and Sporum crashes, but also the case of the Invisible User and the AntiSporum.

Lore Edit

Strangely, it doesn't take that much to set the Sporum off and put it into panic mode. Every little glitch gets a large amount of attention which leads to a name, every spammer and trolls gets more than his fair fill of attention and all the Sporummers take part in the great irony that is the Sporum. As opposed to simply ignoring the Spammers and working their way around while secretly PMing the SporeMasters, more threads are created declaring themselves "safe havens from the spam" or telling users to "ignore the spam". Although with good intentions they add to the mess and make it worse, not better. Despite the stickying of BB's thread about how to act in a spam attack no one has changed their ways, although this is not aided by the fact that the thread has a stupid name.

Any noobish spammer looking to raise hell need only visit the sporum and make ten threads. They'll raise enough Hell to become the event of the day. Twenty makes event-of-the-week. Crashing the board earns you Spammer of Forever. But do know that no matter what you do (spammer, I'm talking to you), you will win.


The Scares, ranging from stupid to very, very, serious.Edit