The Darksporum is like the Sporum, except dedicated to the recently released Spore-like game Darkspore rather than Spore. As the name implies, it has a darker color scheme (gray text on black background). While Darkspore may get an independent forum when it is released, the Darksporum is as of today a part of the massive construct that is the EA forum, with all that entails.

The Darksporum peaked in activity when Darkspore was finally released, and according to eye witness accounts, is slowing in activity 3 times faster than the regular Sporum. This is probably due to how most people agree Darkspore is repetitive and gets old quickly, or maybe because the excitement dwindled upon its release.

Darksporum moderation teamEdit

The recently-appointed moderation team of the Darksporum includes several well-known Sporumers, and, rather surprisingly, does not consist of the moderators from the Sporum. Instead, members who had previously never been selected for moderation positions - including Rebecca1208 - have been chosen to be elevated to this position of honor.

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