Trolls are just another kind of spammer, along with mass-spammers and flamers. However, Sporum Spamologists have noted 7 different characteristics that set them aside from other spammer categories:

  1. Trolls tend to post vulgar text (i.e., "F**** YOU A**HOLE C***S!!!"), with only a few exceptions.
  2. Trolls do not post image spam (however many post flash objects).
  3. Trolls seek to insult people despite just throwing profanity all over a sentence and saying it's an insult. (Except Smart Trolls, which go as far as to harass people without swearing and start up almost reasonable arguments).
  4. Most Trolls post highly sexual comments.
  5. Trolls seek to get attention through making posts they think are controversial.
  6. Most people who exhibit troll behavior also show mass-spammer behavior and/or flamer traits.
  7. When spamming or 5pamming, trolls tend to post Flash objects.

Notable TrollsEdit


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