Grand Entry To AcknowledgementEdit

cas8919, a seemingly normal user of the sporum. Just now, really, begining his sporum story, has revealed to us a remarkable obssesion. This obsession is of parkaboy, now you may say a lot of people have a slight obsession and envey for parkaboy, well cas 8919 has taken it a little bit to far.

Parkaboy ReplicaEdit

Recently cas8919 opened a thread that was identical to parkaboys remakes thread. This is a typical thing for a troll to do, nothing unusual about that right? When LoneStar45 looked him up, to request a remake, jokingly, he discovered some halfway decent creations, not yet realizing what he had stumbled upon. this intriguiged parkaboy so he looked too. What parkaboy discovered was creepy, if not stalker-like. Almost all of cas8919's creations were, as parka put it, "weird, imperfect copies of mine." Parkaboy browsed further through all of his creations and discovered that all but about thrity were "weird, imperfect copies of" his own work. Pakaboy went further into his investigation and looked into his adventures, and parkaboy said, "he even remade some of my adventures from scratch, copying even the dialogues." I myself even went into investigate, he has remade parkaboy's Hingefrobb and renamed it Hingarobb, but the scary thing is if you look at the lineage they are Imperfect twins of the lineage creation, but he did not edit any of parkaboy's creations and share it, they are all made from scratch.

The Big QuestionEdit

Since his discovery, will he ever be seen on the forums, again? And what might he say about hi actions?

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