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A Reference sheet to CRF's old character, Volt Janeri


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Captainredfox, (typically goes by Volt, Captain, or CRF) is a creator on spore know mostly for sci-fi and steampunk machine props and spaceships.

Although gaining popularity, he is still relatively not well known.

Emo Affiliation with the Furry Fandom and Emo FandomEdit

Captainredfox is loosly associated with both the Emo and Furry fandoms. He was first introduced to the fandom by his brother. His association with the Emo fandom is self-spawned and was with him for more time than the Furry fandom.

CRF MechanicsEdit

His love of machines and technology were expressed through Spore and his technological creations. Although he has lost slightly lost interest in sci-fi and technology, machinery and design will always be part of him.


Team STRFIG (short for Starfing) is a racing team led by Captainredfox in a non-spore game called 'Need for Speed: World'. It is know to be one of the only furry racing teams in the game, and remains as such.


A Starfing poster, however bad quality it is.

Known Affiliates:Edit

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